Funding Bodies

Pocket Watch with Chain made from the Hair of the Owner’s Wife, 1930s, DMDA handling collection

In 2021, the DMDA was awarded grants from both the AHRC-aligned York Impact Accelerator Fund (YIAF) and from the Centre for Early Modern and Renaissance Studies (CREMS), University of York. This generous support sponsored the wonderful people and partners without whom this pilot version could not have been realised.

YIAF supported our museum partners, the York Castle Museum (York Museums Trust, York) and Leeds Museums and Galleries, with the costs for photography and staff time. It also enabled Adam Frost and Tobias Sturt (ADDTWO Digital) to generate some mock-up designs of the proposed, full-project DMDA platform, and Marjorie Coughlan (History of Art Department, University of York) to design and create the current pilot site. YIAF also enabled Susan Vincent, one of the DMDA’s researchers, to work full-time across June and July 2021 on preparing the content.

CREMS funded the DMDA’s first public engagement day in early August and our video technician, Adam Gill (VIDAVEO), who worked tirelessly on the curatorial and outreach videos. We also owe to CREMS the sponsorship of our fabulous student helpers, whose contribution to the videos and public engagement event was invaluable.

We thank our sponsors for their support of the DMDA.

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