Welcome to the DMDA: the Digital Museum of Dress Accessories


Close-up of eye reflected in mirror inside lid of an open patch box Patches and Patch Boxes is the inaugural gallery of the DMDA.

It is the first in a series of online exhibition spaces devoted to an innovative look at dress accessories.

Ultimately, the DMDA will expand with fifteen further galleries, in which the visitor can explore different objects. These are: nutmeg graters, skirt-lifters, chatelaines, walking sticks, shoe and dress buckles, parasols and umbrellas, dress shields, vesta cases, cigarette cases, watch chains, flea furs and flea catchers, compacts, portable scent containers, button hooks, and hatpins and their holders. Some of these objects can be seen already on the website banners.

In the meantime... Enter the world of the patch box.